In every business, in every industry, management does matter.


ScriptsHub’s management team comprises of the most experienced and tech-savvy individuals who are remarkably expert in their field. Their experience speaks for itself in terms of how well ScriptsHub is performing. The team has gone an extra mile to make ScriptsHub the pinnacle of tech solutions and a brand that is known for its integrity and transparency among its huge client base.

Executive Team

Primarily, our management team comprises of two dedicated individuals.

Vijay Prajapati

Co-Founder / Director  

With an overall experience of more than 14 years, Vijay is an exceptionally bright and sharp member of the ScriptsHub team who actually started ScriptsHub. Being an entrepreneur as such, Vijay has a very dynamic personality whose management style has taken ScriptsHub to new heights. Prior to co-founding ScriptsHub, Vijay Prajapati had been working with some renowned organizations in a variety of industries that included healthcare, finance and Logistics. He has a diverse portfolio, having worked in a number of different fields involving Human Resources, Technology, Marketing, Sales and Operations.

Vijay has not only co-founded ScriptsHub, but he also established NexGenOutsource Pvt. Ltd in 2005. After working here for 4 years, he went on to work for some of the most well-known companies such as Tata Consultancy and Microsoft. He has also worked at Emtec Technologies Pvt. Ltd where he served as a Technical Manager handling various client accounts by providing solutions to a variety of problems. Currently, Vijay manages all the technical and marketing aspects of ScriptsHub Technologies providing the required support and development that is needed for the organization to grow. His determination and passion to revolutionize industries goes beyond bounds.

Jatin Prajapati

Co-Founder / Director  

Being a co-founder of ScriptsHub, Jatin is a highly experienced technologist who has extensive experience working in a variety of different industries for more than 12 years. His vast knowledge and expertise in the field of IT makes him the perfect individual to lead ScriptsHub and allow it to grow and thrive in today’s excessively competitive landscape. Jatin has served as the leading member of various well-known companies in some of the biggest industries of the country. This includes healthcare, banking, e-commerce, oil and gas, education and travel. His roles were as diverse as the industries he worked in which saw him working as a developer, architect and director. He therefore has an incredible amount of expertise in the field of software development design along with architecture designing.

In 2005, he established a company by the name of NexGenOutsource Pvt. Ltd with Vijay and served 4 years in the company. Later he worked with Zensar Technologies and Persistent System Ltd delivering high-tech solutions to a variety of clients. Jatin’s specializations include but are not limited to Web & Mobility, product designing, performance engineering and quality assurance. At ScriptsHub, his role spans across providing support to the staff and managing the overall operations of the company.