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ScriptsHub Technologies offers four medical plans, including one PPO plan and three levels of High Deductible Health Plans with HSAs, to which ScriptsHub Technologies contributes contingent on the plan level. ScriptsHub Technologies provides 70% of the cost of healthcare plans for all full-time employees. Prescription coverage is also included in all medical plans. We also provide two tiers of dental coverage, DHMO and PPO Enhanced, as well as two tiers of vision coverage, Standard and Enhanced. 

Time Off and Holidays

ScriptsHub Technologies workers have access to appealing paid PTO plans, including ScriptsHub Technologies Open PTO program, which has no predefined restrictions. 

401(K) Plans

ScriptsHub Technologies has a 401(k) plan with a company match. Associates are welcome to join the plan one month after joining the company. 


Our Employee Assistance Program offers wellness coaching, suggestions, and resources, as well as counselling and support services. Weight management, general wellness, prevention, as well as other programs are available through our healthcare provider, as well as chronic illness or condition management programs through Health Advocate and a smoking cessation program. 

Other Benefits

ScriptsHub Technologies Perks provides ScriptsHub Technologies employees with discounts on shopping, travel, hotels, movie tickets, and other services. 



ScriptsHub Technologies provides extensive and affordable insurance coverage, including: 

ScriptsHub Technologies pays all insurance premiums. 

Time Off and Holidays

ScriptsHub Technologies employees have access to substantial paid time off programs such as Earned Leave, Casual Leave, and Sick Leave. We also provide time off for paternity, bereavement, and family situations. 

Retirement Plans

At all times, ScriptsHub Technologies adheres to the standards of regulatory compliance. Under the Provident Fund Scheme, all colleagues are insured. Individuals and businesses both contribute 12% of their earnings to the Provident Fund. After 5 years of continuous service, an associate will be entitled to a gratuity. For every year worked, gratuity is computed as 15 days of basic pay. 

Other Benefits