Awards & Recognition

While everyone enjoys financial incentives, customer and peer appreciation and acknowledgment are also essential. We promote excellence by recognizing and appreciating our peers for their support and hard work. The employee receives accolades and credits for a job well done. Wrecognize and honor employees who go above and beyond to get outstanding results and exhibit our core values. 

What makes us a fantastic environment to work, and flourish in is our people. We want well-rounded individuals with a passion for innovation and a commitment to customer satisfactionOur culture thrives on the traits of honesty, integrity, and flexibility, which our clients value and put their faith in. 

Benefits & Rewards

  • Competitive pay and benefits (HRA, Conveyance, Medical, etc as applicable)
  • Gratuity
  • The Provident Fund
  • Medical Coverage
  • Special allowances and Reimbursements
  • Subsidies for food and transportation for shift workers
  • Remunerative Base and Variable Pay (as applicable)
  • Short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Vision Insurance on a voluntary basis
  • Company perks and benefits
  • Improved Risk Management
  • PTO and Holidays
  • Insurance for Health Care
  • Group Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Voluntary Term Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts