Allowing for greater innovation, cost savings, improved functionality (think mobile),

and the simplification of corporate operations. Consumers and businesses alike have been more aware of the benefits of keeping data on the cloud over the last several years. Proper planning is essential for reaping these benefits.

ScriptsHub assists our clients in planning for the cloud by providing education, readiness assessments, strategic road mapping, implementing the proper solutions, and other services to guarantee that their investments in innovation offer the advantages they desire and more.

We understand

your day-to-day operations and departmental objectives. Our advisory team is comprised of former practitioners, certified specialists, and seasoned consultants with extensive expertise in finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, sales, marketing, and information technology. Our history and experience in enterprise-wide application and architectural strategy, integration, and support distinguishes us from the competition.


• Education

Educating your staff regarding cloud capabilities and benefits, as well as budgeting and step-by-step planning, are critical for effective cloud SaaS deployment.

• Readiness

Readiness evaluations guarantee that your business is adequately prepared for the initiative, lowering risk and assisting in the success of the project.


Our sophisticated application roadmap approach helps your company via correct analysis, prioritization, and placement among competing activities. 

Analysis of Costs

TCO analysis uncovers more than just license costs. To assess your alternatives, you must take a comprehensive look at all elements that affect the bottom line.

Software Selection

It is critical to select the right application and vendor for your unique needs. 

Support and Implemetation

Need assistance putting your cloud vision into action once choices have been made? Our Enterprise Applications team can manage your cloud endeavor from start to finish, including end-user training and post-implementation support.