The energy business is currently recovering from low pricing, misaligned assets, and inefficient production.

Facing competition, regulations, and market shifts, ScriptsHub enhances mission-critical systems. Our expertise in digital transformation, automation, analytics, IoT, and AI unlocks value for clients.

ScriptsHub specializes in the energy and utilities sector, offering end-to-end solutions from upstream engineering to retail and marketing. We empower businesses in this complex, capital-intensive industry with cutting-edge technology to adapt, increase production, and control expenses.

Application Expertise

Most niche vendors only offer solutions in 1 or 2 specific areas. By contrast, Emtec provides comprehensive capabilities around Oracle’s full solution suite, from infrastructure and database to specific utilities operational solutions.

Our services include

Asset Integrity Management

While Asset Integrity Management (AIM) has long been recognized as a critical strategy for operational organizations, several factors, including process compliance, increased commercial, regulatory, and environmental focus, recent high-profile incidents, and increased pressure to maximize asset utilization and contribution, have all contributed to it becoming a critical strategy for any operationally intensive organization.

Logistics and Analytics

ScriptsHub solutions are developed in collaboration with SAP to address logistical difficulties encountered by oil and gas organizations. Solutions focus on optimizing delivery schedules and maximizing vehicle and driver usage, as well as regulatory compliance. Customers gain from more transparent operations, lower operating expenses, lower returns, and more efficiency.

Worker safety Solution

ScriptsHub provides revolutionary cloud-based worker safety solutions to ensure the safety of occupational employees in mining, construction, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, logistics, ports, manufacturing, and other sectors.


ScriptsHub offers a suite of tools that expand SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Asset Management capabilities and improve asset usage for any firm that manages complicated, costly, and regulated assets.

Digital Workplace

Organizations must learn how to integrate and retain millennials since they make up a sizable portion of the modern workforce. Attracting Gen Y leaders now requires a smart, agile, scalable, and collaborative working environment.

Engineering Services

ScriptsHub solutions combine IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to help clients address difficult business challenges. We provide comprehensive, multi-service delivery across sectors by leveraging our vast worldwide footprint of delivery hubs.

Cloud Adoption

As businesses around the globe recognize the value of the cloud, creating a sensible strategy to deliver a uniform digital experience while focusing on business goals has become a major issue for corporations. To maximize business value from digital transformation initiatives, enterprises can go digital on a strong cloud foundation, scale effortlessly, introduce innovation into development.


With a constantly changing threat landscape, it’s more important than ever to evaluate the present condition of your organization’s cybersecurity and create an adaptable and dynamic cybersecurity strategy. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of vertical-specific requirements, emerging attack vectors, the regulatory landscape, and resiliency requirements to assist in defining the correct cybersecurity framework.