To swiftly react to changing industry dynamics and competition, businesses must embrace a customer-first mentality. To modernise sales, marketing, and services and create a multi-channel customer experience that drives growth, your company must be willing to re-invent its IT ecosystem and business strategy.

ScriptsHub is dedicated to assisting enterprises in leveraging the complete array of Salesforce technologies to promote efficient business operations and provide exceptional customer experiences. Allow us to assist you in harnessing the potential of the Salesforce platform in your organisation.

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Salesforce Einstein

The Salesforce Einstein is an AI platform, which delivers more than six billion predictions everyday to help customers make smart and impactful decisions by acting as smart CRM assistant across service, sales, marketing, commerce and more. Einstein standardize AI by immersing intelligence directly in context of business. As Einstein is built into the Salesforce platform, customers can easily customize their AI models for their specific needs.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a component based framework used to create salesforce apps. Salesforce Lightning seeks to make Salesforce app creation easier for business users many of whom lack programming experience by streamlining the process. Lightning serves as a keystone for all efforts to expand and increase value of CRM. It further allows to customize app and brand the employee experience with help of lightning tools.

Salesforce BI

Salesforce BI is a platform includes set of tools and services, it’s also known as Salesforce Analytics. Salesforce BI is intended to assist users in analyzing and visualizing data, gaining insights and make choice and decision based on data. Salesforce BI gives business the ability to examine data and deliver useful insights for customer support, sales, marketing and other departments. A 360-degree view of client data and interactions is made possible by Salesforce BI’s seamless integration with other Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Unlocking Educational Excellence: Salesforce Integration Solutions

Salesforce Einstein for Higher Education

Educational institutions, including universities and business schools, can leverage the power of Education Cloud to enhance student performance. By integrating Einstein for Education Cloud, institutions automate tasks, access intelligent recommendations, and predict student outcomes. This includes course recommendations, personalized support, and quick responses from coaches. Students benefit from Salesforce Einstein’s course material suggestions, while higher education institutions can optimize admissions, student services, fundraising, and alumni relations as their needs evolve.

Salesforce Lightning for Higher Education

Enhance student information management with Salesforce Lightning, ensuring personalized support and monitoring of student interactions. Gain a 360-degree view of every student for a healthy learning environment. Streamline admissions, track potential applications, and improve communication through customized emails and updates. Efficiently manage courses, schedules, and resources, enabling students to register, view grades, and interact with faculty. With Salesforce Lightning, higher education institutions can leverage data for informed decisions, performance tracking, and increased efficiency while upholding stringent security and privacy standards.

Salesforce BI for Higher Education

Salesforce Business Intelligence (BI) is a valuable tool for higher education institutions. It enables them to analyze enrollment data, identify trends, and monitor student performance, aiding in providing targeted support. Salesforce BI offers insights into course popularity and effectiveness, empowering academic institutions to make informed decisions about curriculum and courses. With Salesforce BI, administrators, educators, and students can access personalized dashboards tailored to their roles, providing relevant information and insights. This data-driven approach enhances resource allocation, financial management, admissions, and student success, ultimately improving the overall educational experience for staff and students alike.

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